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641 Dearborn St., Great Falls, SC 29055
        Other goodies

Ida Claire Baking Company is the storefront for Ida Claire Cheesecakes, LLC.  Ida Claire Baking Company also makes an array of fresh, hand-made pastries and cakes.  A sampling of the pastries that we offer our customers fresh daily are:

CROISSANTS  -   hand-made of course, using the time honored tradition of laminating the dough over and over.  Layer after layer of buttery, goodness.  We are so proud of these croissants and we' ve had numerous accolades for them.    

DANISH  -   Our Danish are a real treat.  We use our own blend of fresh Chevre cheese and orange marmalade to give your mouth a real wake up treat. 

CINNAMON ROLLS  -   Made with the same dough we use for our croissants.  Fresh local honey and plenty of brown sugar and cinnamon.  Simple, sweet, delicious

BAGEL  -   Real, hand-made bagels beautifully browned on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside.  Served with your choice of a variety of cream cheese toppings.

SAUSAGE & CHEESE MUFFIN  -   Our very own rendition of a breakfast muffin.  Local fresh sausage paired with lots of sharp cheddar cheese made into a portable breakfast.

CUPCAKES  -   Made from scratch in whatever flavors you desire with real buttercream frosting.  A                                       `

CAKES TO ORDER  -   We can make any cake you would like with 48 hours notice.  Cakes that we keep in the bakery almost all the time are; Carrot Cake, 10 layer Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake and Earthquake Cake.



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