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Ida Claire Pure Vanilla Extract is made with only Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans.  We use premium beans to produce an extract that is better than commercial extracts.  We use only Madagascar Bourbon beans because they  are far superior to the other types of beans.  Most commercial vanilla extracts are a blend of the three bean types available (Madagascar Bourbon, Tahitian and Mexican), which makes the product less expensive and does not give the flavor that Ida Claire Pure Vanilla extract has.

Commercial vanilla extract, regardless of the brand, has water added to it along with a host of other ingredients.  Caramel for color and a variety of sugars for additional flavoring, stabilizers, etc., the list goes on.  Take a look at the  ingredients on the box you are currently using.  It is a long list with lots of things that you probably didn't even think about being in your vanilla extract.  You're  paying for things that you most likely didn't even know were there and certainly, to our way of thinking, don't need.   We at Ida Claire  just don't believe that is the way things should be done.  It certainly isn't the way we do them. 

Ida Claire Pure Vanilla extract has only two ingredients.  Alcohol and Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans.  There is nothing added to Ida Claire Pure Vanilla extract because we want our customer to have a pure product.  We don't try to color the extract to make it darker, our extraction process takes care of that for us.  There is nothing added to enhance the vanilla flavor.  It isn't necessary because we use an extraction process that gives us maximum flavor.  It's a long, labor intensive process, but it produces a superior product.  The extract is then triple filtered and bottled.  Every step is done by hand.  There is no machinery involved.  Each bottle is labeled and sealed.  The end result is a vanilla extract that is superior in every way to commercial vanilla.  

We hope you enjoy Ida Claire Pure Vanilla extract and we hope you will tell your friends about it.  Customer recommendation is the highest form of advertising and something no amount of money can buy. 

You can purchase Ida Claire Pure Vanilla extract directly from us.  Just click on the link and tell us where to send it. 

Retail pricing is $10.00 per each 4 ounce bottle



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