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        Cheesecake flavors

Before we begin to tell you about the flavors that our scrumptious cheesecake comes in, we want to tell you a little about how this particular cheesecake came into being.  

The original recipe was developed by our founder over 30 years ago.  She wanted a cheesecake that had as much flavor and texture as a traditional New York style cheesecake but without the aftertaste that came from a traditional New York style cheesecake.  She set out to create her own cheesecake and spent over a year refining the flavor and texture.  With a recipe that she felt was a winner, she began making the decadent cheesecakes for friends and family.  The result was that everyone loved the product.  In 2011 Ida Claire Cheesecakes, LLC was born with one recipe and one goal in mind.  We wanted to give our customers that best cheesecake possible and we wanted a business based on integrity and Christian values.  This business is centered around our faith and our desire to deliver the best product possible by using only natural ingredients and local when possible.  

We are very proud of our creamy, southern style cheesecake and we gladly present it to you now. 

Please browse through the flavors and choose the one you want to try. 

TRADITIONAL - Our most popular cheesecake flavor by far, this is the cheesecake that started it all and is the basis for all the other flavors.   The flavor is pure cheesecake, with a much richer taste and smoother texture.  The flavor gives all the satisfaction of the traditional New York style cheesecake.  This cheesecake is also very versatile in that it can stand up to any topping you might want to add.  But why would you.  The flavor is that good on its own.

BANANA Ė Banana cheesecake?  Yes! When a friend suggested it, we thought, why not?   Banana was the first flavor we created and itís one that is a consistent seller.  Another flavor that is simply delicious on its own but lots of people add toppings to this one; chocolate, caramel and nuts of course are the favorites.  We make this cheesecake with fresh bananas and it reminds us of old fashioned churned ice cream.  If youíre a banana lover, this is one you must try.

CHOCOLATE - What do you say about the perfect chocolate cheesecake?  This cheesecake starts off with a sweet milk chocolate taste and ends with a dark chocolate flavor.  Every time, every bite.  Itís just the best taste ever.  It took a lot of work to combine the two flavors in such a way that the dark chocolate comes through at the end.  Your taste buds will be so satisfied and so will your tummy.  We promise you wonít find a richer, more satisfying chocolate cheesecake anywhere.

KEY LIME - Who doesnít love the refreshing taste of Key Lime?  It cleanses the palette and taste buds.  Our proprietary blend of lime and lemon is the perfect complement to this cheesecake.  The tart lime gets your attention, then the rich creamy texture and sweetness balance the combination out.  This cheesecake is refreshing and honest in the flavor.   As with all our cheesecakes, we use fresh ingredients.  We zest the limes then juice them by hand as the cheesecakes are prepared.  This cheesecake is definitely a winner according to our customers! 

ORANGE DREAM -   We created this cheesecake to taste just like the Popsicle that has always been a favorite.  The result was a resounding success!   This cheesecake has an abundance of fresh oranges and the zest and that results in an outstanding flavor that compliments the sweet cream cheese beautifully.  Orange Dream has become a year-round favorite with our customers and weíre sure it will be one of your favorites as well.  

STRAWBERRY - Our strawberry cheesecake tastes like summertime.   Here in South Carolina, itís a very big deal when strawberry season comes in.  Itís a very big deal for Ida Claire Cheesecakes too.  We hit the fields and hand pick the strawberries to bring back and make the cheesecakes.  We also, over the course of the season, pick enough to keep for making our strawberry cheesecakes for the rest of the year.  The berries are grown locally and hand chosen by us especially for Ida Claire. 

Red Velvet.  -  Red Velvet is our seasonal best seller.  We bake Red Velvet for Christmas and Valentineís Day and for special orders at other times during the year.   Weíve painstakingly reproduced the old fashioned favorite into a cheesecake with the same rich flavor.  If youíre a Red Velvet cake fan, this is one you simply have to try this cheesecake.    




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