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641 Dearborn St., Great Falls, SC 29055

Welcome to Ida Claire Baking Company.   We hope you enjoy your browsing experience on our site and we hope that you find you just must try one of the delicious southern style cheesecakes we offer.  

Ida Claire Baking Company is not like other companies that sell cheesecakes.  We are a very small company and every single cheesecake we make is truly hand crafted.  We dont bake in huge ovens that run cheesecakes through by the hundreds per day.   We bake the old fashioned way, and we do it with pride in a product that isnt mass produced.  Every ingredient, every step, is completely a hands on process by the lady who originated the recipe.  At 65 years of age she is still in our kitchen every single day and she still oversees every step of the process from beginning to end. 

Take a look through the pages of our website and find the humor and creativity that belongs to the lady behind the Ida Claire name.   Not only has she created one of the best cheesecakes you will ever take a bite of, but she also makes her own special brand of vanilla extract. 

Before you leave, we believe that youll be saying I declare, I have to try that cheesecake or that vanilla!  When you taste the cheesecake, or the vanilla extract, were sure you will say I declare, thats the best cheesecake (or vanilla extract) Ive ever had!



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